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the Sport Horse Research Foundation

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Focus on the future – innovation through research

The Sport Horse Research Foundation (SHRF) is a public charity with tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We seek to advance, and direct scientific research and education to enhance the health, athletic potential, and career longevity of sport horses. Contributions donated to the Sport Horse Research Foundation are fully tax-deductible retroactive to the founding of the organization on July 14, 2016.


Our mission is advance and direct scientific research and education that will enhance the health, athletic performance, and career longevity of sport horses.


The Sport Horse Research Foundation was established to facilitate the funding of much needed research that will provide breakthrough medical advancements for equine athletes.

Currently it is difficult to obtain research funding specifically for sport horses and sport horse medicine. Until now, equine athletes and the sport horse industry have been underserved by research. SHRF seeks to change this by facilitating the knowledge and advancements research has again and again proven to yield.

We seek a future where a marriage of knowledgeable equine sport horse stakeholders with professional researchers guide effective research that measurably improves the health, athletic potential, and career longevity of sport horses around the world.


Much needed research will facilitate more accurate and early diagnosis, more effective treatment, and directed rehabilitation of sport horse injruy to increase career longevity and better inform industry stakeholders. In the future, we hope this will lead to a better understanding of sport horse injury risk and risk management to thereby enhance injury prevention.

SHRF has the potential to change the way everyone interacts with sport horses – from the management, training, showing, diagnoses, and treatment, to the rehabilitation of equine athletes. In a vain similar to the evolution of human medicine that has come to embrace a holistic view of how to achieve optimal health and performance, the research we fund has unlimited potential to revolutionize the sport horse industry and equine athletes.

Initially, SHRF will focus funding research specifically targeted on show jumping and dressage sport horse disciplines. In the future, we envision funding meaningful research for the benefit of each sport horse discipline.

Stakeholder Engagement

The success of SHRF necessarily entails working proactively with external stakeholder partners. The ability to best identify and address issues can only be accomplished by bringing together the expertise, knowledge and passion of many organizations and individuals. Only by working cooperatively with stakeholders can SHRF achieve the greatest possible positive impact for sport horses and the industry as a whole. Our stakeholders include:

  • Professional and amateur riders
  • Sport horse owners
  • Sport horse trainers
  • Veterinarians, farriers and therapists
  • Research scientists and institutions


We would like to thank and recognize those who have become champions of The Sport Horse Research Foundation by making a contribution of $1,000 or more. Partners, you ensure a greater impact funding lasting, transformative research for the health, athletic potential, and career longevity of sport horses.


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