The Sport Horse Research Foundation

the Sport Horse Research Foundation

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SHRF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to identifying and funding topic-specific research proposals likely to have a substantial impact on sport horse practice and equine athletes. Thus, while our objective is to fund research to advance and support the prevention, treatment, and cures regarding the health, welfare, and athletic potential of sport horses, our first step is to identify research questions that matter to stakeholders.

Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement

The success of SHRF necessarily entails working proactively with external stakeholder partners. The ability to best identify and address issues can only be accomplished by bringing together the expertise, knowledge and passion of many organizations and individuals. Only by working cooperatively with stakeholders can SHRF achieve the greatest possible positive impact for sport horses and the industry as a whole.


Our question: From your experience in the world of equine competition, what do you believe is the most important health problem facing show jumpers or dressage equine athletes?

Please complete this form – help us advance and direct scientific research that will enhance the health, welfare, and athletic potential of sport horses!

Stakeholder Engagement

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