The Sport Horse Research Foundation

the Sport Horse Research Foundation

Future Research

Year: TBD
Study Population: Upper Level Dressage Horses
Status: Planning Stage
Budget: $10,000

This study will use radiography to document abnormalities of the caudal cervical (neck) region in a population of sound and performing upper level dressage horses in Wellington, Florida. Conditions affecting the neck are common in actively competing sport horses. A project recently funded by the SHRF in jumpers showed common abnormalities in sound horses performing to expectation. The Foundation hopes this project will obtain valuable information about the conditions affecting this population of dressage horses, thereby filling the current void in the literature and providing veterinarians with relevant insight into how best to treat their patients, and how to interpret radiographs made prior to purchase. The Foundation would like to thank the Palm Beach Equine Clinic for generously donating the use of their radiography equipment for this project.