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the Sport Horse Research Foundation

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Our grantees are fundamental to carrying out our mission. By working with grantees as partners with a shared goal, SHRF believes we can most effectively achieve the impact we strive for. The ability to produce quality and meaningful results is necessarily impacted by the quality of any partnership. To achieve the greatest impact possible, SHRF embraces fostering strong partnerships with grantees as critical.

SHRF Commitment:

  1. Respect and honesty
  2. Open and ongoing communication
  3. Feedback is not just welcomed, we want to grow and learn from all grantee feeback!

All applicants must comply with the following regulations pertaining to animal use.

The following statement was adopted by the Board of Directors of the Sport Horse Research Foundation on January 11, 2017 and is the official policy of SHRF:

“The Sport Horse Research Foundation’s official policy on humane care and use of vertebrate animals shall require that grant applications for research employing such animals be accompanied by a letter stating that the INSTITUTIONAL ANIMAL CARE AND USE COMMITTEE has reviewed and approved the research project for funding as requested. Grant proposals may be reviewed prior to receipt of such statement by the Foundation’s Research Advisory Committee, but funds will not be awarded without a letter signed by an individual qualified and authorized to represent the application institution.”